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Maddy P is a proud supporter of our weighted products. To put her own twist on our weighted hat, her mother purchased our weighted inserts, and sewed them into her favorite stocking cap. Thank you, Maddy for your kind words! We are so happy we can help. 

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In my elementary school we have a variety of student needs. One student had success using the therapy hat in class. The hat provided a calming sensation for him and he would identify certain times in the day when he needed the benefits that the weighted hat provided. From a school standpoint, I liked how the hat was discreet and students and staff were not distracted.
Elementary Principal
I definitely recommend Theramazing's hat. My TS, GAD, Sensory, son loves this hat. First hat he's ever liked. It seems to calm him during anxious moments, and is showing to calm his tics a bit, especially during storms. I've also went ahead and introduced Theramazing to our school intervention staff. They didn't even know there was a weighted hat, and found it really cool, something new to try! Thank you, Theramazing for a wonderful idea!!