Weighted Hat

Hat with Inserts


Similar concept to a weighted blanket, Theramazing’s weighted hat provides proprioceptive input in a portable way helping people to calm and focus on the task at hand. Our innovative weighted inserts are flexible and removable allowing for cleaning and the ability to vary the weight. Comfortable and fashionable too. Far more discreet than a weighted vest. Weighs 15 ounces.

Available in red, royal, or black, with adjustable back. More colors coming soon. Fits most children ages 6-14. This hat comes with a set of 6 weighted inserts which fit in to the liner within the hat.



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Long-lasting, durable weights enable more calm and focus

Introducing the Theramazing Weighted Hat

The Theramazing Weighted Hat was conceived as a solution to provide proprioceptive input in a fashionable, discreet way for people with sensory processing disorders. It allows wearers to get the input they need without leaving the situation to do a sensory program or wearing a very obvious vest.

The advanced material of the weighted insert is unlike anything on the market. It is flexible and comfortable. There is no shifting of weight or excessive bulk. The hat liner allows for the weighted inserts to be removed in order for the weight to be varied and for the hat to be cleaned. The Theramazing Weighted Hat is a great resource for every therapist, teacher, or parent’s toolbox.

Product Testimonials

In my elementary school we have a variety of student needs. One student had success using the therapy hat in class. The hat provided a calming sensation for him and he would identify certain times in the day when he needed the benefits that the weighted hat provided. From a school standpoint, I liked how the hat was discreet and students and staff were not distracted. - Amanda Kimball Barryton Elementary Principal

A fashionable, discreet solution for people with sensory processing disorders

Advanced Material

Weighted insert is unlike anything on the market.


It looks like any other hat.


There is no shifting of weight, or excessive bulk.


The hat liner allows for the weighted inserts to be removed easily for cleaning.


Use as many or as few inserts (weights) as desired.