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Our weighted hat was conceived as a solution to provide proprioceptive input in a fashionable, discreet way for people with sensory processing disorders. It allows wearers to get the input they need without leaving the situation to do a sensory program or wearing a very obvious vest.


Hi, I'm Heather Jose

I’m an Occupational Therapist of 20+ years, and have spent much of my time traveling around to different schools to help some of my favorite people: kids and teachers. I became an OT so that I could work specifically within the school system, as I’ve been around education my entire life. My dad was a teacher, and my husband is a teacher as well. My passion lies within special education, and in helping the students who work so hard everyday, to make even the smallest gains. 

In my time as an OT, I began to create “tools” that I thought could benefit the students I was working with from day to day. As I began to witness the progression that my students were gaining from these tools, it became obvious to me that I could help so many others outside of my daily reach.

So, take a look around.  Get to know our products. Read through my blog. I am confident that you will find the most thoughtfully created, highest-quality resources that you’ve been searching for, with Theramazing.

-Heather Jose, Owner/founder of Theramazing.


Most frequent questions and answers

The proprioceptive system is located in our muscles and joints. It provides us with a sense of body awareness and detects/controls force and pressure. The proprioceptive system also has an important regulatory role in sensory processing as proprioceptive input can assist in controlling responses to sensory stimuli. Proprioceptive input can be very calming for those who are easily overwhelmed by sensory stimulation. 

Providing proprioceptive activities can enhance a student’s learning in, and outside of the classroom. These activities will help a student to achieve a calm and alert state which then improves emotional wellbeing and the ability to engage and learn.

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Weighted products benefit many people, but especially those with autism, anxiety, ADHD, trauma, and sensory processing disorder. We all have sensory needs and process them differently.

Currently, our hats are designed for toddlers to adolescents. If you are interested in an adult size, we encourage you to order a liner and our weighted inserts to sew into your favorite cap. More sizes will be available soon!

The quality of our materials are unmatched. Our hats are manufactured by Stormy Kromer, and our inserts are made of a durable, yet flexible, plastic that is free from BPA, latex, and phthalates.

If you receive our hat and decide it’s not for you, no problem. You have 30 days to send your hat back to us, and receive a full refund. Once we receive your return, and assure the product is still in good condition, we will then issue your refund. 

You’re right, typically hats are not allowed in schools. However, not once have I ever had an issue introducing our weighted hat into a school setting for a child in need. Here’s the thing, school principals are going to be understanding and willing to incorporate any product into a child’s IEP, if it means improvement academically and/or with their everyday behavior.

I’d also like to note that our hat can be beneficial in settings outside of the classroom, too! Social tasks as basic as going to the grocery store can be easily achieved with our product. 

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